Growing together
Creciendo Juntos

About us

CLABEREP LTDA is a Colombian company established on 2006, with the objective of supporting foreign companies who need a partner in Colombia that holds the registrations. Over the years, our company has evolve and our holding service goes further into a complete service that includes the compliance of every legal and regulatory responsibility to keep updated and vigent the registrations. Since 2017, our company started the expansion plan, establishing KLABEREP CIA LTDA in Quito - Ecuador and CLABEREP DE PERU SAC in Lima - Peru, as CLABEREP LTDA subsidiaries. We also add complementary services such as legal services, recruitment and market research. 


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Registration Holding

Registrations are your most valuable assets. Put them in the best hands, reducing costs and inefficiencies. 


Keep your  legal and regulatory responsibilities up to date through the authorities with our services.


Market Research

Learn more about the market, competitor and find out opportunities before investing in LATAM.

HR Services

We can provide support you hiring your sales and regulatory affairs team in LATAM countries, through our HR services.